Magothy River, Maryland

September 22-24

It was a short sail in gorgeous sunny light wind with the wind at just the right angle to raise the spinnaker as soon as we left Baltimore harbor.  We both agreed we arrived too quickly.  We found the perfect spot to tuck in behind a tiny private island with just one house on it.  On the shore of the mainland, there were several cute houses, each with there own dock.  We motored in along with a small sailing cat that reminded us of the Beetle Cat at our family summer cottage in Haversham, Rhode Island.  As we were dropping our anchor, it came right over to us, and I was worried they were going to yell at us for being too close to the docks, or try to say the little anchorage belonged to the island.  Instead, the captain told us we would be in the perfect spot if we moved 50 feet to the left.  He went on that he’d lived there 40 years, and we should stop by if we needed anything, including water from his dock.  I totally underestimated the goodness of sailors!

We had been so busy getting south, it was great to take a couple days to lie in the sun and enjoy our beautiful sheltered cove.