Baltimore, Maryland

September 20-21, 2020

We had a nice sail down to Baltimore with sunshine and light winds.  We anchored just around the corner from Fells point, in a tight spot with 3 other boats, but the weather was so benign, it didn’t matter.  Jeff was loving the nostalgia of being back near his alma mater Johns Hopkins University, and seeing how much things had changed in 30 years.  We were sad that the classic ship he used to crew on, the Nighthawk, wasn’t there anymore, but that didn’t make the memories any less vivid.  We took Fluffy into the Inner Harbor, and instantly got pulled over for speeding.  (we missed the buoy saying 6 knots).  But they were really nice, and let us off with a scolding.  We were surprised to see how deserted the tourist area was, and disappointed that we couldn’t go aboard to tour the historic sailing ship Constellation.  Even so, it was great to see the ship as we are both in the midst of rereading all of Patrick O’Brian’s Jack Aubrey novels, and it really brings them to life to see the kind of ship he sailed.  It was eerie to stroll the waterfront and only see a handful of other people, particularly after being in SoHo a couple weeks ago and seeing New York packed with people again. 

One day we rented a couple of electric scooters and had great fun scooting around Fell’s point.  It wasn’t too hard to avoid the cobbled stoned sections, which was necessary because the cobbles were bigger than the scooter wheels.  We ate a really nice crab cake and shrimp with Old Bay lunch, on a gorgeous sunny day, in the long row of umbrella-ed tables along the waterfront. 


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  1. Fuzzy says:

    I can just picture Captain Jeff swelling with pride as you cruised into Fells Point as true, committed pirates…

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