Nunjack Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

May 3 – 4, 2021

Less than 5 miles from Green Turtle, we found an amazing spot.  Some former cruisers live here and they’ve made a little paradise.  You can dinghy into their little beach, were they have picnic tables, a big barbeque, and an awesome tiki hut with two swings, out in the waves.  This was the coolest swing I’ve ever been on.  They also helped lots of cruisers to create an “Art Trail” to hike thru the jungle along the water.  People have crafted all kinds of ingenious art with “found objects” aka trash.  Often, trash gets in the water an washes up on beaches.  In the islands, the only way to get rid of trash is to burn it, which isn’t a great solution.  This trail is a great way to deal with some of that trash.  Around every tree or hill is a cool little piece of art, from little 3-4 inch sand dollars, painted in vibrantly colored patters, scattered in unexpected places along the trail, to a mooring buoy mermaid with blue curly hair in unraveled three strand rope.  The best hike we’ve done this year.

This island also has beautiful mangroves.  I even got out the oars and rowed, just for fun, and to try to keep from scaring away all the sea turtles.  There were so many, but you can tell humans don’t feed them because they’d pop their heads up to breath, make a split second of eye contact, and dart off at Warp 9.  Perhaps the oars made us too stealthy.  Hah!  My rowing looks a lot like Elaine Benes dancing.  When our motor broke in Palm Beach, it was so helpful.  I’d take no more then 5 spastic strokes, and someone would be over begging to tow us to our boat, or to shore, or anywhere.

I think Nunjack was our last stop in paradise, although we didn’t know it at the time.  Our next stop was Double Breasted, which I’d remembered from 2018.  It’s this amazing kaleidoscope of blues over complicated sandbar formations.   I wanted to get some Instagramable shots, but no joy.  The wind decided to start blowing from the west, making the deep side of the island a lee shore.  We spent one uncomfortable night and decided to wasn’t safe to drop the dinghy.  BOO HOO.

So it’s a thrilling 4 mile motor to Grand Cay to check out the next day.