Hilton Head, South Carolina

November 14th

Palm Beachish

Hilton Head seemed a lot like Palm Beach, Florida to us.  Lots of big homes on the river, in gated communities, and upscale cars zooming around.  We had a great time because it’s also a bikers paradise.  Gorgeous bike paths all over, and the cheese section at Harris Teeter blew our minds after seeing nothing but American and cheddar for weeks, ha ha.  We biked to a lovely park with a lake full of alligators.  Lots of signs said not to feed them.  They looked like what they wanted to eat was us!

We dinghied into Skull Creek Marina to get to shore from the river, and they were nice.  No charge to tie up for a few hours.  Drinks at the Shark Bar down the way were fun.  It was too bad it was Covid, because it was pretty quiet.  They were set up for live music with an outdoor stage, and outdoor ping pong and fooz-ball tables, and lots of Adirondack chairs along the river.  Gorgeous.  The whole time we were there, it was brilliantly sunny and low humidity.  Anchored out in the river, it was a little windier and wavier than we would have liked, but our anchor stuck like it was glued in there, so it wasn’t stressful.  Then, our last day turned cold and rainy and we never left the boat.  Time to go.