St. Michaels, Maryland

October 3, 2020

From Kent Island, it was only a couple hours to St. Michaels, mostly motoring up a winding river channel.  The inner harbor at St. Michaels is tiny, so anchoring there wasn’t possible.  The outer anchorage looked both crowded and exposed, so we chose to anchore just down the river in a little cove with a yacht club.  It was another warm and sparkling day with a fresh breeze, so we zipped into town for a few hours.  They have a great floating dock for dinghies right by the museum on town.  We spent several hours enjoying the museum, the screw pile lighthouse, and the wooden ship they were building.  It felt very lively in town, and the coming and going of boats was the nautical equivalent of Grand Central Station.  An interesting contrast to Baltimore, which felt so deserted.  The town was totally quaint and charming.  All sorts of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and a cool shop that reclaimed old nautical and other curiosities and turned them into art and furniture.  It was fun to explore.

Sunday, it was back to shore for bike riding.  We rode up out of town and toward the cove where we anchored.  We visited the yacht club and chatted with a member to get the lay of the land.  Then we rode on, exploring all the side streets from the main road.  One house was selling duck eggs out front so we bought them to see what they are like.  Jeff loves them because they are large and slightly harder shelled than chicken eggs, so good for transporting.  I googled them and found out they have larger yolks and more fat, so I am not a fan, but cannot object on taste alone.  I can’t really tell the difference.

My favorite part of the ride was coming on another bike rider stopped in the street.  She told us she was there to make sure no one ran over the turtle crossing the road.  It was a tiny baby, maybe 4 inches across, and very cute.  She was amazed when Jeff picked it up and set it in the grass on the far side of the road.  I think he saved her hoursJ

After a couple hours, we were back in town and ready for a late brunch.  The Galley had delicious breakfast burritos, and the perfect cappuccino that I had been longing for.  Since we only keep powered milk on the boat, I just can’t make a good cappuccino on board.

We lingered in town, until late afternoon, enjoying the summer weekend feeling of the place, everyone seeming to be fully enjoying the great weather, and then it was back to Renegade for a quite night on the hook.