New Haven, Connecticut

September 12, 2020
Just as we were adjusting to life on the boat, it was time to adjust to life as cruisers.  I think a real milestone here was selling our last car.  It was kind of an adventure.  I drove up to CarMax in New Haven on Saturday morning September 12, and Jeff soloed the boat to Morris Cove in New Haven.  The whole Carmax process took like 3 hours, so the timing worked out pretty well.  After I handed over the keys, the sales woman asked if I needed a ride, and I pulled my Brompton folding bicycle out of the trunk.  It was only a couple miles ride to the beach at Morris Cove, where I saw Jeff approaching in Renegade.  Our awesome new hard dinghy, an OCTender named Fluffy, looked awesome as he motored it in to the beach.  I felt very glamorous as shore bound beach goers watched our departure.

That night, we were tired and it was dark by the time we were passing Oyster Bay, so we opted for one last night on the old mooring.